Evolving a brand to accelerate data centre expansion across Europe.

Growth Highlights

Growth in EBITDA since IPO.

Opportunity value created by digital activities.

Acquisition by Equinix Inc, the global interconnection and data centre company.

“ Structure understands our business and provides strong, irreverent and expert advice. They have never just gone with what we’ve asked without challenging us as to why we want it simply because they think that debate can improve the end result. ”

James Tyler, Chief Commercial Officer, TelecityGroup

TelecityGroup were poised for a period of significant expansion. They needed to re-establish their offer as a premium service in a fiercely price led market. Our work positioned them for rapid and sustained growth.

Need to differentiate, e.g.
Why choose TelecityGroup?

Demonstrate strength of
offer over 

Support European expansion by enabling new client acquisition.

Communicate the premium
nature of their proposition.

Quality of infrastructure

“We looked at other data centres but they seemed very limited compared to TelecityGroup. The difference between them and TelecityGroup is like night and day.”

Customer, Sweden

“It’s clear that under the bonnet the investment is there, and it gives you a sense of security and reliability.”

Customer, Netherlands

Calibre of people

“The integrity of the staff is refreshing; what you say is what you’ll do.”

Customer, United Kingdom

“You feel like the people you work with care; they understand your challenges and can quickly identify what pressure points might be.”

Customer, France


Capturing the quality of the data centres
and the calibre of the people.


“ We believe we got the balance just right; this work reflects TelecityGroup's innovation and leadership in the market. Structure was great in aligning creativity with pragmatism. ”

Sheji Jacob-Brettle, Group Marketing Manager, TelecityGroup

Brand & Digital Assets

Creating a system

A rigid grid and hierarchy of elements was defined so that, in the words of the then CEO, Mike Tobin, ‘If anyone picks up any collateral from us in any country they instantly know it's from us.’

Delivering online

The design style was applied online to reinforce recognition. The site was developed to showcase the facilities with imagery, video and content matching user needs. The focus was on lead generation, driving sales with demonstrable ROI.

Owning the conversation

We created a high quality magazine distributed to prospects and customers alike, making TelecityGroup the C-level choice.

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