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The wider recruitment industry is worth £42.3 billion (Recruitment & Employment Confederation, 2019 UK). As the world reopens for business following the pandemic, and as government restrictions ease globally, recruiters will face different challenges (such as flexible working), and that includes the SAP landscape (Systems, Applications, and Products). 

RED Global is one of the world’s leading SAP and tech recruitment companies, powering digital transformations across the globe by connecting the best SAP and tech talent to the right roles.  Founded 21 years ago, the company works in a highly specialised and competitive arena that has a huge demand for tech talent.

In 2021, the company realised that it needed to define its brand and positioning to ignite the next wave of growth.
As SAP has evolved so too has RED Global, working with other technologies, broadening its offer from pure recruitment to strategic project advice. However, having identified that it had outgrown its name and brand, the challenge was to bring them both in line, to show its clients the full picture of where the company is today, its broader service offer and to also support the growth strategy.



Completely committed

RED Global's mission is to be the leading destination for both SAP & tech talent and job roles, by connecting the right experts to the right positions through insight and technology for the benefit of its clients and candidates.

Following a deep dive into the business, interviewing candidates, c-suite clients, and internal staff to understand and surface RED Global’s value and market differentiation, we surfaced a proposition born from its commitment to sourcing the right talent for its clients – 'Completely Committed'.

New name
The business had outgrown its name, Red SAP Solutions, and it didn’t reflect where it is today. The company’s scope had grown, it also works with its SAP clients to deliver tech experts in other technologies, and it has a global reach in over 70 countries. We needed to keep the ‘Red’ legacy and leverage the established reputation (built over two decades) and the growth achieved with unrivalled global reach. 

Red SAP Solutions became RED Global.



We committed to red for the colour palette to underpin every aspect of the company’s brand identity. The idea was brought to life by leading with one colour, one weight of one typeface and one primary photographic expression.


The entire brand assets are ‘completely committed' to the business growth strategy and supporting the new positioning. 


“ Our new branding offers our clients and candidates a more authentic and engaging experience of our brand. Wherever you are in your journey with RED Global, we hope that our branding refresh helps you find what you're looking for that bit easier. ”

Ross Eades, CEO.


Let's talk about your growth ambitions.


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