Repositioning a promotional space agency by leveraging their unique place
insight and the value it creates for brand owners.

Market Context

Pop-up retailing is growing 2.5x faster than the retail sector, contributing £2.1bn to the economy with an average spend of £120 a year.

23% of marketers believe customer experience is the most important and exciting trend today, 24% envisaging this will be a ‘megatrend’ in five years.

WWW now stands for what I want, when I want, where I want it. Retail spaces are being transformed into experiential theatres to showcase products and engage consumers.

“ We’ve proved that face-to-face conversations with customers and shoppers is a brilliant way for brands to get their message across but it’s often hard to realise maximum ROI. With our experience we can absolutely deliver that. ”

Alison Bowcott-McGrath, CEO, PinPointer

BoConcepts are a promotional space booking agency which takes brands to customers in shopping centres and high streets.  They work with brands such as Sky TV, EA Games and British Gas, talking directly to thousands of customers, helping town and city centres find new revenue and retailers discover the best new locations for stores. They have insight in over 12,000 locations with access to millions of customers across the UK. We helped them capitalise on the changing retail landscape.

To leverage their unique insights into consumer behaviours about how, when and where people shop.

To shift the focus of the business away from transactional space booking to an added value service.

Offering insight that connects brands and customers.

Place and insight

Not all places are created equal. By owning the most desirable places there is an opportunity to shift from transactional space booking to providing insights into shopper intellgience and engagement that helps brand owners achieve their commercial objectives.

Audience focussed

The business aims to bring together brands, place managers and creative agencies to deliver new opportunities to the high street. This mutually beneficial ecosystem connects brands with customers and creates meaningful experiences that help revitalise places.

The businesses existing name – BoConcepts – was no longer able to communicate the vision for the business and its promise to customers. A new name would be essential to taking a new offer to market.


We developed their proposition based on 'Location DNA'. This helps brands make sound investments decisions and to be in the right places at the right times to grow awareness and acquire new customers.


“ The name PinPointer says everything we want it to do about engaging with exactly the right people, at the right time. ” 

Alison Bowcott-McGrath, CEO, PinPointer

Brand toolkit

Creating the place insight story

Developing a new name for the business and a visual identity that communicates the place insight story bringing the opportunity to life for brand owners, place managers and creative agencies.


A digital experience focused on customer needs and successes

PinPointer’s new website was designed to clearly communicate how the business helps its target audience backed up by customer stories from brands including Abel & Cole, Sky and Oasis.

Communicating place insight at every touch point

To build awareness of the shopper intelligence and engagement that helps brand owners achieve their commercial objectives, a range of collateral was developed to help sales teams engage brand owners with the new added value service.

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