Market context

Scope: Research & Insight > positioning, strategy & TOV > brand system, brand guidelines > website
Sector: Advisory / strategic communications

Greenbrook provides strategic communications advisory services to the investment industry. It helps its clients to secure the outcomes they seek – whether through reputation and brand management, fundraising support or crisis communications.
A subset of the financial services industry and a billion-dollar market, the investment industry serves millions of investors both in the UK and worldwide, from individual investors with small savings to company investors such as pension funds and insurance funds with millions to invest.


As Europe's leading communication advisor to global investment firms, Greenbrook has gained an outstanding reputation based on its experience and expertise in this field. However, it had a brand and website that did not represent where the business is today nor was it fit for purpose.

The brand needed a sophisticated creative response to reflect Greenbrook’s reputation and authority gained from its single focus and dedication to the investment industry.




A singular focus.
A complete dedication.

The proposition is born from the fact that Greenbrook has a singular focus on the investment industry. It is a specialist in this space, with an understanding of the nuances, challenges and influences that affect the industry. Greenbrook can create narratives and build reputations like no other, securing the reputation to move a market in the direction its clients seek.

We leveraged this singular focus to create the proposition.



The creative had to reflect the authority and expertise that Greenbrook commands within its arena. We devised a sophisticated rich colour palette and from it, we created ‘The Greenbrook Glow’. Which is a design mechanic comprising a series of ‘light leaks’ that subtly reveal hidden forms across the background. They are an abstract representation of what Greenbrook does – uncovers the truth.


Let's talk about your growth ambitions.


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