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Scope: positioning, strategy & TOV > brand system, brand guidelines > website. 
Sector: Insurance / Tech

For many people, insurance products are not easy to understand or navigate. Insurance is disconnected from our everyday lives, it's something we have to have but sometimes don't know where to start. 

Over the past few years insurtech has emerged in the insurance space, innovating products and improving cost efficiency across the industry. Its value in 2022 was $5.4 billion and the forecast for 2030 is $152 billion (Grand View Research). Traditional insurance uses a basic level of data to group people and assesses risk, which means some people pay more for their insurance products. Insurtech promotes more competitive pricing models because it can more accurately delineate risk within groups. Good news for consumers.
Qover is an insurtech pioneer, founded in 2016 by Quentin Colmant and Jean-Charles Velge, it has a clear vision of the future of insurance: a simple, transparent and accessible service across borders.

With that vision in mind, Qover has shaken up the insurance industry by launching a pioneering new category, embedded insurance orchestration. This ground-breaking new category allows businesses to integrate tailored insurance products, quickly and easily, into their digital experiences on a global scale – no matter their operating market or industry.

Qover needed to hit the market with a new standout brand, business proposition and website. So, the marketing team approached Structure to solve the consumer disconnect–bringing the research insights and vision together into a seamless brand experience–mirroring its ambition to make the complex simple.


Ensuring great experiences, enabling your success.


Qover’s vision of the future of insurance is simple, transparent and accessible across borders – a global safety net. Its service removes complexity and fragmentation from the insurance industry–delivering better outcomes for businesses, employees and customers.

The proposition is based on the promise of success based on great experiences. Embedded insurance orchestration allows any business's customers or employees to adopt insurance where and when they need it, bringing the industry up to speed with the digital age.


The Qover marketing team went on a 14-month journey of listening to their clients, prospects, partners and thought leaders to understand what matters to them in the market today.

Bringing that research to Structure, the agency tackled the creative brief knowing it needed to bring this new category to life with a standout solution – setting the standard for any new entrants.


The role of the creative is to demonstrate what this product does. We used a block technique in the website design to bring the product to life, where visitors can see visually how the tech works in its component parts, making it easy to navigate and understand from the offset.


The brand was modernised so it can grow and develop in the future.

Logo: A simple typographic logo sits at the heart of the new identity. Retaining the ‘Q’, a symbol of Qover's heritage, it can be used as a design device throughout all communications.

Palette: In a sea of chaotic design practices and primary colour palettes, used throughout the wider insurance category, the creative leads with a calm and cool gradient-themed colour palette. These colours represent a dynamic and contemporary organisation that is a bold leader and an expert in its field.

Website: The website design has a very human touch, with intuitive navigation instead of information overload. Potential clients are clear about what Qover does and how it benefits them and their business.


'When we approached Design by Structure about our plans to rebrand and design a new category, we knew it would be no easy feat. We needed an agency that we could trust, someone who could understand our vision, who we are as a company, and be able to translate that into something truly innovative within the industry – all packaged in a simple yet captivating way.  Design by Structure delivered on all of that and more. We couldn’t have asked for a better collaboration on such a monumental project.'
Quentin Colmant, CEO & Co-founder, Qover


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