Market context

Scope: Research & Insight > positioning, strategy & TOV > Identity, system, brand guidelines > website.
Sector: Fleet management software / Tech

Fleet management (FM) is the tracking and maintaining of vehicles by companies in a cost-effective, quick, and accessible way. It is gaining significant strategic importance in a world of changing mobility and accountable sustainability practices. 

In Europe, FM is a multi-billion-euro industry and globally, despite the complications of the pandemic, the market size is expected to grow from $19.9 billion in 2020 to $34 billion by 2025 (MarketsandMarkets). This growth is driven in part by increased government regulations and pressure on businesses to be more accountable for their carbon footprint. An additional factor is growth in tech and the cost benefits of using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud-based FM solutions.

Avrios is pioneering the future of FM software. Powered by AI tech, it integrates data, automates processes and provides its clients with real-time insights to improve their fleets – from fuel and mileage to leases, repairs and CO2 emissions.


Avrios recognised that the FM market is aligned on the priorities of cost of reduction or efficiency. But in the long term, there are some very important growing trends such as environmental footprint. It also recognised that with the growth in electric vehicles and new modes of transport, its growing client base and the need to grow as a business to accommodate that new audience.

Avrios needed to hit the market with a new brand that supports its ambition to lead the industry to a better place, not only with its digitised solutions for more efficient and optimised fleets but with insight and data on how they impact the environment.


The Power to Act

Following in-depth research, insights from both the brand's customer service teams and their customers brought two vision statements to light – ‘the true cost of ownership’ and ‘the power to act’.

‘The true cost of ownership’ is Avrios' north star, it informs customers' business decisions by providing data-fuelled insights and benchmarks so they can improve their fleets.

Understanding the true cost of ownership gives the customer the power to act which became the second external-facing vision statement.

To bring this to life we used illustration (characters and icons) as an integral part of the creative story.


 George the eagle, the brand's illustrated mascot, has had a complete redesign, to dial up his approachable, fun and friendly characteristics. He will appear across external communications as a friendly helpful guide.


All of the illustrative work is supported by a new icon portfolio. The icons have multiple applications across all comms touchpoints, they help to support messaging and key information points.


“Design by Structure has been a great partner in this project, the creative output has been really excellent, and they really took time to understand our business. We are super happy with our new vision pillars and look forward to driving forward with these over the coming months and years.”
Richard Brooks, Avrios CMO.


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