Market context

Scope:  visual identity > brand guidelines > website 
Sector: venture studio

Amorphic is an ecosystem tailored for entrepreneurs in the Crypto AI space. A new venture studio dedicated to incubating ideas that can evolve into companies, it focuses on services and products leveraging AI, crypto, and blockchain technologies. Amorphic centres around creativity, innovation, and the future of work, offering an ideal environment for individuals with great new business ideas.

By bringing an idea to Amorphic, it can be incubated with comprehensive support in product development, company setup, go-to-market strategies, and technology best practices. This support aims to transform the idea into an investable proposition, provided it achieves product-market fit.

This project was a startup package which is an exciting new initiative Structure has put in place to meet the needs of startup's looking for a branding solution.

The goal was to help launch Amorphic and build interest around its proposition. Our challenge was to launch this new business into a growing marketplace, with a sense of credibility and authority.


  • Provide the brand tools needed to support the Amorphic launch.
  • Create and build out the visual identity.
  • Generate interest in its proposition to attract collaborators and investors.
  • Bring the story to life through design.
  • Design and deliver the website in a smart and agile way.
  • Work within the parameters of the budget.

Creative Strategy

We wanted to create a credible and viable brand to launch into the marketplace. Therefore to learn more about the space, we conducted research on various products and services in the crypto and AI space for reference and to establish the client’s requirements from a creative perspective.

Our Process:

  • Tell the Amorphic story with a relevant information architecture. 
  • Devised the visual identity.
  • Leverage existing assets to support budgetary control.
  • Utilised generative AI to create icons and avatars for the website design to create a more authentic look & feel.



Creative Strategy

The website is a key communications hub and we wanted it to be rich and interactive, with a bespoke feel that would bring the identity to life.

Website Implementation:

  • We used Relume building blocks for rapid integration with Webflow.
  • Focused on customising modules creatively.
  • Delivered a high-standard, professional, and slick website within the client's budget.



Amorphic was founded by Graham Cooke in 2024, who has a background in AI and big data systems and helped shape important phases of web1 while at Google, web2 in his SaaS startup Qubit and web3 through his research, writing and investing in the space for the last 9 years.
We chatted to Graham on our podcast, The B Word. In his episode, Graham discusses the transformative potential of Web3 technology, its intersection with AI and its implications for various aspects of society, including business, creativity, equity, and decentralised organisations. Topics covered include the convergence of AI and Web3, the role of decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the mainstream adoption of Web3 technologies, and the profound shifts in work dynamics and creativity.



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