Transforming the brand of an open source eCommerce platform
by harnessing the power of their loyal community.

Growth Highlights

More than 250,000 businesses run on the PrestaShop eCommerce platform.

Since the re-brand they have added 300k new developers, hitting the 1m mark, one of the largest commerce communities in the world and growing.

PrestaShop have a resident office cat, reflecting the community spirit and atmosphere at the company.

“ The branding you guys did is the gift that keeps on giving. Every day. ”

Leah Anathan, CMO, PrestaShop

PrestaShop came to Structure on the back of a successful €10m fundraise. They are a free to download eCommerce platform, competing with three huge US SaaS platforms, each with over a $100m warchest for global expansion. In order to survive and compete they realised they had find and accentuate their difference and quickly.

A pressing need to differentiate; to find a unique place in the market.

To accelerate the adoption of the platform before larger competitors have a chance to buy market share.

To build in loyalty and keep converts.

PrestaShop is shaped by its unique community of merchants, developers and agencies. It has the largest and most active community of developers of any of its competitors.


As the community grows and shares knowledge and expertise, the platform improves and develops, focusing on this as the key difference became clear.


We built the proposition around the idea of community, introducing the line WeCommerce is better eCommerce.


“ #Prestashopday was the number 3 trending topic on twitter in the whole of France on launch day. No-one knows all the hard work you did for us to make this possible. Thank you. ”

Leah Anathan, CMO, PrestaShop

Brand toolkit

Character added at every point

We created ‘Preston’ the puffin for PrestaShop. Puffins are found all around the world, they gather together, build nests together and form long-term bonds. We felt this reflected the relationship PrestaShop has with its community and built in character straight away, moving PrestaShop into a richer more distinctive world. 

A flexible toolkit

We delivered a toolkit, with an editable character and key marketing materials. At the heart of our output was a vision for the brand to evolve at pace in their own hands. We weren’t disappointed.

The PrestaShop puffin everywhere

The team at PrestaShop have created multiple puffins, decorated their office using graffiti artists and have been voted one of the five coolest places to work in Europe by Inc. magazine.


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