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Sector: Hospitality

Operating in the hospitality sector, Cendyn is a global leader of integrated hotel solutions. It has undergone significant evolution recently, dedicating time to creating a fully integrated platform following the strategic acquisition of several pivotal technology partners.

To reflect this evolution, the company approached Structure with a brief to develop the brand strategy, logo & identity, consolidate its portfolio offering and produce marketing templates to support the comms. 

Cendyn had four rebrand objectives: 

  1. Clarity: provide a straightforward, but impactful, message that resonates with the hospitality audience and firmly places Cendyn in the hospitality sector.
  2. Human connection: showcase the human element of Cendyn's work, highlighting the daily
    endeavours of both its team and customers in the hospitality industry.
  3. Personalisation: reflect personalised elements that catered to the unique needs of its customers.
  4. Flexibility: ensure the brand identity is adaptable and flexible enough to accommodate Cendyn's continued growth and evolution.




Positioning Cendyn for the future:
An intensive deep dive into Cendyn’s product portfolio, revealed the foundations for the new value proposition–Find, Book, Grow. This embodies Cendyn’s robust array of integrated solutions–empowering hoteliers to attract new guests, secure direct bookings, and boost revenue growth.


Creative Strategy

Our creative response had to reflect Cendyn's recent change and its future ambitions. Our creative strategy was tailored to provide a new visual identity that embodies Cendyn's evolution and growth.

The logo, featuring an infinity loop, embodies the concept of a seamless, perpetual loyalty loop – reflecting the essence of repeat visits and growth, embodying Cendyn’s commitment to lasting guest relationships and boundless possibilities.



Creative Strategy

For colour we selected vibrant greens as the cornerstone of the new colour palette–symbolising vitality and progress. The secondary palette is softer pastels to reflect Cendyn's nurturing approach to both guest relationships and the guest experience.

Finally, we added the human touch to the creative expression via the photography, which focuses entirely on the guest experience and is visualised in three pillars - the guest, the experience's and the magic. This solution very much anchors Cendyn in the hospitality world.


Client quote

"Our new visual identity captures the momentum and growth which hotels can achieve through our extensive range of products and services. It’s important that every guest interaction provides an opportunity to nurture relationships as well as maximise profit. Our integrated technology underpins these relationships to help hoteliers make sense of digital marketing and create deeper human connections for continual success."
Jack Blaha, CEO, Cendyn


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