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Data is a valuable resource. While businesses and organisations can collect it, due to restrictive data privacy laws (GDPR), there are limits to what they can do with it – no sharing, product/modelling experiments etc.

While it is important to protect people’s data, the laws are a barrier to growth with missed opportunities to use customer data to drive product innovation. The answer lies in creating synthetic data, specifically structured synthetic data sets. This is MOSTLY.AI.

MOSTLY.AI, founded in 2017 in Austria from a PhD research project at the University of Vienna, has pioneered the creation of accurate structured synthetic data for AI development and software testing. The platform creates usable and infinitely scalable datasets that enable businesses to be agile, innovative and in complete compliance with data privacy laws.

Synthetic data is considered a fast-growing tool in the field of data science. But what is it? Tiny samples of real data are ingested into the platform and then synthesised to produce completely un-traceable data sets, retaining the original data’s granularity, statistical distributions, patterns, correlations and time dependencies. The data doesn't compromise privacy concerns because the data isn't traceable to a real person/business/event etc. According to Forbes, ‘It is poised to upend the entire value chain and technology stack for artificial intelligence, with immense economic implications.’

MOSTLY.AI offers a truly differentiated product. Its synthetic data is structured (many of its competitors are not) which means with near-100% accuracy, high quality, adjustable and scalable synthetic data. 

The business already had good engagement with blue-chip early adopters, and as part of its growth strategy,  MOSTLY.AI wanted to talk to a new audience. The challenge was to position the business to engage with a new, but perhaps not as informed, audience. A mix of explanation and selling.


Smarter. Synthetic. Data.


MOSTLY.AI's mission is to enable businesses to thrive ethically and responsibly using safe synthetic data. 

It has developed products that harness and use data safely and powerfully, providing datasets that retain the data’s granularity, statistical distributions, patterns, correlations, and time dependencies – without preserving any privacy-sensitive information (original personal data points). This means businesses can access the richest most accurate data than ever before.

We developed the proposition on the idea of 'smarter use of data', to create smart AI and ultimately smarter outcomes. At its most simple, to be smarter. To create, use and harness smarter synthetic data.


Our role was to define the brand for the next wave of growth. MOSTLY.AI pioneered the creation of AI-generated synthetic data. We had to harness the accuracy, reliability, and power MOSTLY.AI brings to its customers simply and clearly. Making it easy to understand for multiple audiences with different levels of knowledge and understanding 

The website comms are designed to be simple and educational to help people engage with the platform and understand its benefits. It has a dedicated page for enterprise audiences. Showing them how to leverage it for their business with a downloadable free ebook. They can also visit the resources page which has blogs, case studies and podcasts all focusing on synthetic data. 


We injected a vibrant colour into the brand palette that cuts across all communications. This colour is intended to reflect the impact of what MOSTLY.AI has created. Through this combination of visual and verbal expression, MOSTLY.AI has become the recognised source of information for both the use of structured synthetic data and for the datasets themselves. 


The website content is designed to be part sell and part education to help audiences with different skill sets engage with the usage and benefits, with a dedicated page for informed enterprise audiences. An insight section hosts leadership content, case studies and podcasts focused on explaining the usage and benefits for those with less understanding. As the founder pointed out, ‘one day we will look back and wonder how we ever thought it was OK to use real data for testing and development.’
The future is here, the future is MOSTLY.AI.


Let's talk about your growth ambitions.


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