Acquiring ambitious businesses for a service that will help them grow.

Market Context

Small and medium-sized business (SMEs) in the UK at end 2015.

Estimate of Gross Value Added of SMEs to the UK economy.

of SMEs have moderate to substantial ambition to grow their business.

Business Growth Service is a partnership between leading private sector business growth experts, Grant Thornton, Pera, Oxford Innovation and Winning Pitch and backed by Government. Launched in 2012 the service had  a target to support 26,000 businesses and create 55,000 high value jobs.

Raise awareness amongst ambitious businesses with the potential to grow. 

Develop a more compelling digital proposition that provokes a response.

Use digital channels to drive in-bound enquiries and support the acquisition of 26,000 businesses.

Driving business growth

Businesses supported by Business Growth Service are growing over FOUR TIMES FASTER than the average SME.

Overcoming barriers

94% of businesses said they were more likely to grow as a result of working with Business Growth Service.

Funds boosted

87% of businesses that applied for finance through the service were successful resulting in over £100 million of funding being provided to high growth businesses.


Based on the tangible success that Business Growth Service had in helping its customers overcome barriers to growth.


Brand toolkit

An acquisition focussed digital proposition

The Business Growth Service website aimed to de-mystify what it did by showcasing the services track-record and successful client outcomes.

Designing a conversation optimised digital experience

The Business Growth Service website was designed specifically to help prospective clients self qualify themselves based on where they were in their business lifecycle and the call to action made it easy for people to engage based on a shared vision for the outcome.

Creating a customer experience built around success

An aspirational awards event for The Brave & The Bold was developed to showcase and celebrate client successes. Sponsored by Santander, Grant Thornton & Investors In People this helped raise awareness of the service amongst partners and local business networks to encourage further referrals.

Find out how Structure can help your business achieve its growth ambitions.


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