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Sector: Weather forecasting / AI

Predicting the weather has always been a challenge. Current weather services operate on a km sq. view, which is based on the analysis and interpretation of a combination of historical data and projected weather patterns. Updates are daily, or half-day at best, which means compromised accuracy at the outset. Advances in AI and machine learning mean it is now possible to predict the weather with a high degree of accuracy. Using AI, weather forecasting can be improved dramatically, providing more accurate and up-to-date forecasts for everyone.

Zurich-based Jua is a platform that uses AI and the power of quantum computing to transform the accuracy of measurement and presentation of weather information, giving the meteorological sector more oversight of increasingly unpredictable weather patterns.

Climate volatility and the inability of current computing systems to process ever-increasing amounts of historical data have rendered current methods obsolete.

Jua is a ​​new paradigm in weather forecasting. It takes live data from multiple sources every single second. Measuring and predicting the World's atmosphere in 1 km2 / 5 minutes resolution for up to 48 hours.

A leap in weather prediction accuracy, the platform has passed proof of concept, the interface and UI are now under development.

The creative challenge was to find a visual metaphor for an organic living quantum and AI system.

Accuracy engine.


The value Jua ultimately brings is in the exponential jump in accuracy. Its ability to analyse and interpret using AI is transformational. Today the focus is on weather, but the application of Jua’s ‘Accuracy Engine’ could be used by much wider industries–almost anything that relies on data.


We created a visual and verbal system that reflected the intuitive nature of the platform. The tone of voice is intelligent and informed to reflect the highly qualified audience we are targeting. Visually, we created an animation that bursts onto the screen, colours growing and spreading to represent the organic nature of the AI.

The creative effect is a combination of hypnotic beauty, drawing in the website visitor, and practical provable facts and commentary that reassure and convert. 

The creative has supported the company's ambition. Jua has already successfully raised €2.5 million in funding.


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