Market context

Scope: research & insight > positioning, strategy & TOV > brand system, brand guidelines > film > photograhy > collateral 
Sector: Trucking transportation/MaaS.

Eurowag is a mobility service platform (MaaS). Globally this market’s growth trajectory is set to hit $40.1 billion by 2030, which is influenced by factors such as smart city initiatives, the rise of on-demand mobility services (ride-hailing apps), the environment (reducing CO2 emissions), improved 4G/5G infrastructure and the growth in smartphones usage (M&M report 2021).

The company’s ambition is to be the ultimate on-road mobility platform, creating better business opportunities for the trucking transportation industry. Founded in 1995 by Czech entrepreneur Martin Vohánka, Eurowag is revolutionising trucking by providing greater access to financial and mobility services to a historically underserved market.

The trucking industry faces a lag in digital innovations and adoption. Eurowag has a strong differentiating proposition, its platform is a one-stop-shop of financial and technological solutions which meets these challenges and helps truckers to run a better business.

Eurowag undertook a complete business and brand transformation programme and with an eye on the future growth ambitions, the marketing team approached Structure with a brief to future-proof its brand and align it with its services to enable greater cross-selling.


Life on the road is tough for truck drivers and the industry can be complex for SME business owners. We undertook in-depth research to understand first-hand the difficulties and complexities faced by Eurowag customers – from missing their families to the frustration of complex money transactions while on the road. The new proposition reflects both the personal and business aspects of the industry, elevating the partnerships Eurowag builds with its customers, enabling them to access to all their business needs via one supplier.

To reflect this partnership, ‘Go far’ is applied to a three-tier messaging strategy, ‘go far on the road,’ ‘go far in business’ and ‘go far in life.’ Each one addressing personal and business pain points identified in the research.


The creative response includes a new addition to Eurowag’s communication strategy, a series of brand films, one which includes a voiceover by a well-known Hollywood A-lister.

The new brand connects to the truckers' world by leveraging the vernacular of the road, using chevrons as a design mechanic throughout the creative solution.

Its application is universally used across all brand touchpoints.


To differentiate in the sector, we introduced a new colour palette, using an aqua blue, which is richer and bolder, to create stand out in the colour code of corporate blues which are used as an industry standard.


 “I am very happy with what we achieved in a fairly short timeline. Structure has been a great support in our strategy work and has really translated the vision and mission level insights well into beautiful brand design.”
Juho Wallenius, VP Marketing, Eurowag


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