Market context

Scope: Research & insight > positioning, strategy & TOV > brand system, brand guidelines > collateral, website. 
Sector: Private Equity (PE) / Investment 

The investment industry is a trillion-dollar industry, served by investors both in the UK and globally, from individual investors with small savings to large company investors. In 2021, newcomer PX3 Partners (PX3) joined the industry as a PE with an exciting and differentiating offer.

PX3 was founded on the belief that things can be done differently. Its goal is to work with industry visionaries to help them perform their best work. Purpose, passion, and performance are PX3's guiding principles, putting ESG-driven investment at its core, it only works with companies which have the potential to make a positive impact and which are governed to the highest ethical standards.

PX3 needed to launch into the market with a brand that creates standout and a website that acts as an information hub–providing clarity on PX3's business values and enabling like-minded businesses to connect with the team. 


Connected Acceleration.


Working with a new player in the market, we needed to devise a differentiated positioning that was supported by a compelling visual expression of the brand.

In the future, PX3 wants to be proud of how it treated people and the world around it and to have made a positive impact. It will do this via the companies in which it invests, those that are a positive change, share its values and are governed to the highest ethical standards.  

We leveraged PX3's ambition to be the driving force that allows the companies and individuals it partners with to excel. This led to ‘connected acceleration’.


The creative response is very visually driven. The whole design system is light and focused. The imagery selected gives an inspirational sense of vision and scale, drawing on cues from nature.

We wanted to create something that felt premium, exclusive and that expressed an 'experienced' feeling to best reflect the founders combined decades of experience in the Private Equity arena.

Colour was an important part of the creative journey. The colour palette is beautiful rich hues drawn from nature. Oceanic blues and lush greens bring the story of this new PE business to life.  



Photography plays a key role in the brand identity. It is categorised into eight key themes that bring investment specialisms to life.

Every photograph has a distinct point of view. Images are colourful, rich with detail, and photographed from unusual and interesting subjects within our eight investment categories. 


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