Market context

Scope: research > strategy > TOV >visual identity >brand guidelines
Sector: Charity

Brighter Days is a mental health charity that addresses the stress and demands of modern living which are taking a toll on people's mental health and wellbeing, particularly in the workplace.

The charity offers wellbeing and resilience training to employers who are committed to seeing their staff flourish and thrive. It is supported by a new book, Brighter Days – 12 Steps to Strengthening Your Wellbeing.


Challenge & Strategy

In total, UK workers took over 319 million days off work for illness or injury, at an estimated cost to employers of
£43 billion and counting. (UK PLC 2021 Workforce Health Report). Brighter Day’s wants to encourage employers to invest in their employees’ mental health & wellbeing. Its mission is to see a world where mental and emotional health is understood and accepted with safe and supportive communities, where people can grow and flourish.

The strategy was to connect the charity’s values to its communications to create a positive experience, designed to be encouraging and anxiety-reducing for those reaching out for help or training support (employees and employers).


Creative Approach

Brighter Days deals with some very sensitive issues in mental health such as suicide. The uncomfortable truth is that many of us don’t feel comfortable talking about our wellbeing or asking for help.

The charity wanted something compelling and visually vibrant to bring to life the idea that even in the darkest days, there are brighter days to come – there is hope. The creative approach on the website was to use soft colours to promote a positive brighter outlook, reflecting the charity's ambition of bringing hope and a sense of flourishing to those who need it in the workplace.


Client quote

“When you start to see your brand come together visually, you know the impact that it could have on people… when you look at the Brighter Day's website, it’s lively, vibrant, (you think) this is a good site for me.

The branding has given us a really good platform to take other products into the market, which is what we're looking to do.”

Patrick Regan OBE, Cofounder Brighter Days


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