Market context

Scope: Research & insight > positioning, strategy & TOV > brand system, brand guidelines. 
Sector: Logistics / Tech

BOXXLY is a logistics platform designed for high-volume parcel consolidators who need rapid scale to meet increasing demand. It operates in a highly competitive market currently valued at approximately $300 billion and is expected to grow rapidly because the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated online purchases and package deliveries at an unprecedented rate (McKinsey).

Parcel consolidators make life easy for companies to ship globally and deal with customs forms, local Post Office policies, and country-specific shipping restrictions. They group packages from multiple customers into one shipment that’s headed to the destination country. As online purchasing and contactless deliveries become the new normal for consumers, BOXXLY automates complex processes across the parcel distribution supply chain to reduce effort, minimise cost and increase throughput.


BOXXLY operates in a competitive and growing market, while many of its competitors are focused on B2C, it differentiates by focusing on B2B operations, managing the warehouse and its integrated carriers based on pre-defined commercial agreements designed for high volumes. This benefits parcel aggregators managing multiple warehouses.

BOXXLY will deliver on its client's promises, on time, across borders, when and where it matters. 

The challenge was to leverage its differentiating strategy and define its brand positioning to create stand out in an increasingly crowded market.



Because it Matters


Our research revealed that customers had lived in paper and pen formats for too long. They had tried other systems, which never really worked properly for their business needs. They wanted a system that made their business lives easier. Enter BOXXLY, as online purchasing and contactless deliveries become the new normal for consumers, its SaaS solution automates complex processes across the parcel distribution supply chain to reduce effort, minimise cost and increase throughput.

BOXXLY understands its clients’ pain points, such as the importance of getting deliveries out on time, across borders, or through customs.  It helps to deliver its clients' scale ambitions and business plans in a way that matters to them.

From this, we surfaced a proposition borne out of its commitment to its clients' ambitions and business needs –‘Because it Matters’.


The big idea is leveraged from the life and language of the warehouse. The problem solving, the rolled-up sleeves reality of organising and delivering time-critical complicated deliveries to demanding clients, not just once but all of the time. It’s a non-stop environment, where time is of the essence and client commitments must be met.

We met this challenge with a bold creative solution. It captures the sense of camaraderie and the can-do spirit of problem-solving that makes everything happen, the no-nonsense and plain-speaking approach of this environment. This is echoed in both the creative solution and tone of voice.


The colour palette is inspired by the colours and fabrics of the warehouse. The greens from the hi-vis jackets, browns and grey hues from the concrete floors and packaging materials. 

We used a strong bold typeface to display confidence and strength which is brought to life in the logo design.


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