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Scope: Research & insight > positioning, strategy & TOV > brand system, brand guidelines > website. 
Sector: Data / Tech

In 2022 the merger of two industry-leading software providers, Compusoft Group and 2020, created a new global tech powerhouse, Cyncly.  The merger enabled software company, Cyncly to scale and better serve its customers with a global presence of over 2,300 employees and 70,000+ customers across 100+ countries.

As a business Cyncly brings together over 30 years of experience and offers industry-specific solutions in the kitchen, bathroom, furniture, flooring and windows, doors & glass industries. Its end-to-end solutions transform the way customisable products and spaces are imagined, designed, sold, managed and made.

Mergers offer opportunities for reinvention, positive change and growth. Cyncly approached Design by Structure in late 2021, with a creative brief covering renaming, branding and a website design and build.

An exciting challenge for the agency. The creative process involved an in-depth analysis of Cyncly’s new culture and personality and a deep dive into its transformative business model.


Make It Amazing.


The value proposition is leveraged from the benefits of using Cyncly’s software which simplifies, what can sometimes be, a complex process involving many stakeholders (designers, retailers, manufacturers, and customers). Its solutions help customers to streamline their processes, grow sales, and increase efficiency by enabling them to work together to make what they do amazing – Make It Amazing.


Name: Getting the name right was an important task. It had to feel right for the former businesses but also for the future growth of this newly merged business–a unifying banner everyone can stand behind. The name is derived from the words ‘synchronisation’ and ‘simplicity,’ bringing together the company’s mission to be the ultimate platform for connecting designers, retailers, manufacturers, contractors, and consumers to make spaces amazing.

Logo: the creative exploration resulted in a brand symbol constructed from five abstract shapes (inspired by interiors), which overlap and connect to represent the synchronisation of Cyncly's service offers which provide one seamless customer experience.


Palette: The colour palette is vibrant, suggesting new beginnings and starting afresh with a unified brand. The agency devised an icon portfolio to help quickly convey and explain complex topics and themes by adding a simple, recognisable visual cue.


Website: The digital transformation includes a new website domain (, the design has very clean lines and uncluttered navigation. The dynamic usage of animated shapes on the website represents the connections within a space – the coming together of all the facets of an interior design project. Finally, the photography focuses on the customer finding inspiration for their dream space.


 “Our new brand, Cyncly, unites us and encompasses our passion to drive innovation to enable our customers to be more successful.  Bringing together best-in-industry solutions from all our brands, Cyncly helps everyone in the value chain make their work and the outcomes for their customers amazing.” 
Joerg Jung, CEO, Cyncly.


 “Working with Structure was a truly collaborative process, where the continuous loop of feedback and constructive challenge pushed us to this great result. Combining strong positioning, a practical approach, and excellent design. Structure has been a valuable partner in creating our new Cyncly brand.”
Raymond Ciabattoni, Re-branding Project Lead, Cyncly.


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