Readying a revolutionary anti-piracy business with the tools to disrupt the market.

Market Context

24% of all internet traffic is piracy related.

MUSO regularly scans over 13 billion piracy pages.

Finding over 122 million illegal files online for our clients.

“ I just wanted to thank you for all your work with the rebranding and redesign. The whole process has made a big difference to our approach as a company moving forward. ”

Andy Chatterley, Founder & Co-CEO, Muso

MUSO believes better relationships are there to be built. They are a London based technology company creating innovative products to help the global content industry better engage with piracy audiences online. They come at this market with first hand experience of the effects of piracy, being creative professionals themselves.  

Disrupt the market.

To bring a positive message to piracy, to differentiate from negative competitors.

To reposition the company from anti-piracy solution providers to big-data connection experts that work in content protection.

Connect with your audience rather than alienating them. Shift the conversation from threatening to connecting.

Your pirates are your fans. Make sure your content is available in the markets that most demand it, harnessing the opportunity to sell to these potential customers as opposed to just stopping them.

Analyse the data you are collecting to transform your business. You become the experts, moving from anti-piracy to become the connection company.


We crafted a proposition around the themes of protecting content, discovering opportunities and connecting to audiences, becoming the connection company. 


“ The new branding was really well received, and was simple and clear to people. Great all round. ”

Chris Elkins, Co-CEO, Muso

Brand toolkit

Delivering disruption

We instigated a fundamental shift in tone of voice and language, renaming and redefining their service offer. We softened their approach to their customers making them the go-to service provider in their sector.


Professionalising every touchpoint

We delivered exemplar collateral and set MUSO up for success with a concise guidelines and a way of thinking to enable them to develop and deliver characterful collateral. The effect has been transformational, with MUSO securing major contracts with all the leading players in the music and film industry.

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