Fuelling a placement agent’s global growth
by building confidence in how the world sees you.

Growth Highlights

$5.2bn raised in the year after the differentiated positioning launched – 8% of total funds raised since 1983.

Growth in advisory revenues to $60 million in 2015.

Eaton Partners became a wholly owned subsidiary and affiliate of Stifel Financial Corp in January 2016.

Eaton Partners came to Structure with an undifferentiated proposition, a disconnected visual identity and a brand that ultimately did not do the company’s pioneering heritage justice. The opportunity was to raise brand awareness and accelerate fund raising for clients on a global basis.

Need to differentiate and stand-out from competitors.

Shift perception from regional US-based placement agent to international operator.

Demonstrate specialist expertise in raising funds in niche investment opportunities.

Since the firm’s founding in 1983, it has participated in raising over $68 billion of institutional capital across more than 90 highly differentiated investment funds.

Track record

In the last 10 years alone, Eaton Partners placed over $50 billion of commitments, receiving 930 commitments for 40 alternative investments.


Eaton Partners is the most experienced global fund placement agent in the world. We are the pioneers of fund placement. We are placement experts.


Brand toolkit

A design system that amplifies competitive differentiation

A visual identity reinvention that fuels global growth by building confidence. The design system was developed to reinforce the global nature of the business, showcase a track record in specialist asset classes and the expertise of the team.


A website demonstrating industry leadership

Powerful messages with a global perspective that reinforce the unique qualities of Eaton Partners in a simple, strong narrative. 

Find out how Structure can help your business achieve its growth ambitions.


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