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Scope: Research & insight  > naming  > positioning, strategy & TOV > brand system, brand guidelines 
Sector: Recruitment / Fintech

Raise is a fintech, which operates within the highly competitive recruitment sector. A sector which was hit hard by the pandemic. In 2022 the employment rate had increased by 0.2 percentage points on the quarter to 75.6% but is still below pre-coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic levels (Labour Force Survey-June 2022).

The role of recruiters has become more important as companies feel the effects of the ‘great resignation,’ where people are changing their careers to suit their lives. More than ever, recruiting companies need the support of great recruitment business tools.

Raise provides the funding to keep customers' cash flow healthy. But it does much more, the platform can take care of everything - onboarding new candidates, sorting timesheets and chasing invoices. Freeing up time and removing the headache many in the sector experience.

The challenge was to devise a disruptive creative solution, new proposition and name change for an established business without alienating existing customers and new prospects. Co-founded in 2017 by Tim Bailey and Bea Stafford under the name 1PS, the growth and ambition of the 2022 business demanded a name change – and so Raise was born.


Achieve more with Raise

The proposition, ‘achieve more with Raise’, came from a deep dive into the business. The agency’s research revealed that Raise is a distinctly different provider within its category. It delivers a frictionless experience through its intuitive software and dedicated customer teams which benefits customers by freeing up their time, cash flow and headspace – allowing its customers to achieve more.


The energetic and vibrant creative solution is based on Raise’s ambition to shake up the category with a new name and new brand approach.

The name change represents an evolution of the business - to showcase a radically new and transparent approach to recruitment business tools. Raise elevates and improves the way things are done, improving performance, and making customers' lives easier – Raising them up.


 Along with the new name is the new logo design, which features a ‘smiling’ dot on the 'i'. A human and playful touch­ to project the positive impact Raise has on its clients and candidates alike – elevating and improving business processes. The creative is in synergy with the brand's personality through the TOV. The language was injected with energy and spirit to bring the joyful and playful character attributes to life.

The solution is a very considered approach, every aspect, from the typeface to the icons and colour palette, injects a more energetic side to the category, differentiating with bursts of green in a corporate ocean of navy blues.


 The website leads with portraits of people (customers), with bright and positive expressions surrounded by a rich palette of ‘confetti’ iconography to suggest celebration. The confetti is part of a supporting pattern which is used throughout all marketing comms.

Messaging is succinct, friendly, and human, focussing on the positive outcomes the platform enables for its customers.


It’s a very exciting time for us as we go from strength to strength in our mission to build the future of invoice finance. That excitement and our promise to the world has been captured beautifully in our new brand and sets us up perfectly to deliver on our vision.
Steve Cater, Vice President


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