5th February 2024

A Founders Insights: Pioneering Entrepreneurship for Positive Impact

Welcome to The B Word, the show that unravels the intricacies of B2B branding. Our monthly episodes feature guests from diverse realms, including technology, venture capital, private equity, and more. Together, we delve into the essence of branding, its mechanics, and its profound significance in the contemporary business landscape.

In this episode: Andreas Brenner, Co-founder and CEO Jua.AI, shares his entrepreneurial Journey story, from turning around Avrios to cofounding the world's first end-to-end machine learning model for weather forecasting, to his ambitions for the future. Design by Structure recently undertook the brand work for Andreas' latest venture Jua.Ai.  We met Andreas while working on his former tech venture Avrios, working on both the brand and website.

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Episode highlights:

Andreas knew Avrios is a great company, but he was driven by the desire for a more ambitious impact in an new venture (Jua.Ai) for a purpose beyond cost reduction.
  1. Andreas discusses his move from fleet management business, Avrios in search of a venture aligned with advancing society through technology.
  2. Meeting co-founder and CTO, Marvin Gabler, during this time was pivotal.
  3. Passion for environmental modelling and atmospheric modelling is the driving force behind Jua.Ai. Both Andreas and Marvin have complete belief in Jua's potential for planetary-scale impact and the augmentation of human consciousness of nature through technology.
Jua's vision of environmental impact through technology: Jua is currently focused on solving a specific micro-problem related to training and high-accuracy weather data.
  1. Beneath the surface of the Jua tech, there is a powerful layer representing a bigger vision of using technology for critical environmental decisions, such as those related to crops and planting.
  2. Andreas emphasises the potential for greater impact by building and commercialising the technology. He believes in entrepreneurship for good, combining a mission-driven approach with a capitalistic approach to improve the world.

Being human and celebrating successes as an entrepreneur: Andreas acknowledges his need to improve celebrating the small successes as an ambitious entrepreneur.
  1. The entrepreneur journey requires many key skills, such as the confidence needed to make those big decisions in business - but it was a learning journey to prioritise his own wellbeing first so he could then be the leader he wanted to be.
  2. The approach to celebration is tied more to meaningful achievements, positive impact, and personal milestones rather than financial gains.
Importance of Purpose-Driven Brands and Branding Process: emphasis on purpose-driven brands and problem-solving is a key driver for Andreas.
  1. Positive experience with the branding process at Avrios, highlighting the methodological approach, competitive analysis, and clarity gained.
  2. Collaboration with the Structure team was valued for its combination of rational (analytical foundation) and emotional (connecting with the audience) aspects of the process.
  3. Unsolicited positive feedback received for Jua's website and presentations, indicates the effectiveness of the recent branding to connect with the audience.

The impact of branding on fundraising and partnerships: The brand adds an aura of authority to the project, helping to convey its potential and future impact–it has been a powerful supporter of Jua's outreach to the market.
  1. The brand, and the clarity brought by building brand pillars, has played a role in fundraising efforts. It has contributed to bringing clarity to partnerships with authorities in the U.S., the UK, and Switzerland, especially in meteorological studies.
  2. Unsolicited positive feedback from stakeholders, including responses and engagement rates, indicates the effectiveness of the brand in outreach efforts.
  3. The succinct messaging and visual identity of the brand are crucial in making a strong impact despite limited content on the website.
A founders perspective on the branding process: take a strategic approach to branding and its alignment with business strategy, and seek expert advice.
  1. Branding is not just about visual identity; it should support the business and align with its strategy. A common approach from some agencies is to focus on visual identity without understanding the strategic essence of the brand.The essence of the brand lies in how it supports the business and positions it to drive revenue.
  2. The key learning is to think strategically about brand and find a branding agency  that can align it with the company's strategy.
  3. A professional and credible brand contributes to the perception of the business -as confident (both entrepreneur and business) and sure of its direction.
Lessons learned: The advice Andreas would give his younger self revolves around staying true to what he wants to do and how he wants to do things.
  1. Openness to feedback is essential, but being confident in one's identified business opportunities and operational methods is crucial.
  2. Over time, staying true to oneself and core beliefs resulted in creating a workplace aligned with personal values and a source of pride.
  3. The key learning is to be open to feedback while simultaneously standing firm in what one believes in, shaping personal character and guiding business decisions.

"When it comes to branding a start-up, invest in your brand early in the business journey"
"Initially, I may have underestimated the significance of brand and design. I considered myself an analytical and rational individual, and struggled to grasp the tangible return on investment (ROI) of branding efforts. However, this process played a pivotal role in broadening my perspective and opening my mind to the value of brand and design."

Andreas Brenner, Co-founder and CEO of Jua.Ai


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