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26th January 2023

New Category, Brand, Business Proposition and Website for Qover

Insurtech (insurance technology) Qover has shaken up the insurance industry with a pioneering new category, embedded insurance orchestration.

This ground-breaking new tech category allows businesses to integrate tailored insurance products, quickly and easily, into their digital experiences on a global scale – no matter their operating market or industry.

Qover launches this new category with a new brand, business proposition and website created by, tech specialist branding agency, Design by Structure.

Qover’s vision of the future of insurance is that it must be simple, transparent, and accessible across borders – a global safety net. To realise this, its marketing team went on a 14-month journey of listening to clients, prospects, partners, and thought leaders to understand what matters to them in the market today.

For many people, insurance products are not easy to understand or navigate. Qover approached Structure to help bring its research insights and vision together into a seamless brand experience, mirroring its ambition to make the complex simple.

The agency tackled the creative brief knowing it needed to bring this new category to life with a standout solution – setting the standard for new entrants.

In a sea of chaotic design practices and primary colour palettes in the wider insurance category, the creative leads with a calm and cool gradient-themed colour palette. The agency devised a new brand identity, which features a Q symbol which can be used as a design device throughout all communications. The website design has a very human touch, with intuitive navigation instead of information overload, potential clients are clear about what Qover does and how it benefits them, from the outset.

Quentin Colmant, CEO & Co-founder, Qover, said: 'When we approached Design by Structure about our plans to rebrand and design a new category, we knew it would be no easy feat. We needed an agency that we could trust, someone who could understand our vision, who we are as a company, and be able to translate that into something truly innovative within the industry – all packaged in a simple yet captivating way.  Design by Structure delivered on all of that and more. We couldn’t have asked for a better collaboration on such a monumental project.'

Speaking about the work, John Galpin, Co-founder, Structure said, "Qover's approach shows that disrupting an industry doesn't mean burning everything down and starting over, it can be an evolution. It was inspiring to help the Qover team create their brand and articulate their vision for an improved technology-enabled insurance industry that can fulfil its original promise - to care for and protect people so that we can all live our best lives.”



13th October 2022

New Name and Brand for Cyncly

Cyncly invests in a new name and brand strategy, following a merger and acquisitions programme, to become a global tech powerhouse

Software company, Cyncly is investing in a new name, brand identity and digital transformation following the merger of Compusoft Group and 2020. The merger, of these two industry-leading software providers, enables Cyncly to scale and better serve its customers with a global presence of over 2,300 employees and 70,000+ customers across 100+ countries.

Cyncly approached branding agency Design by Structure in late 2021, with a creative brief covering renaming, branding and a website design and build. The creative process involved an in-depth analysis of Cyncly’s new culture and personality as well as a deep dive into its transformative business model.

New name for a new brand
The new name is derived from the words ‘synchronisation’ and ‘simplicity,’ bringing together the company’s mission to be the ultimate platform for connecting designers, retailers, manufacturers, contractors, and consumers to make spaces amazing.

The creative process
The creative exploration resulted in a brand symbol constructed from five abstract shapes. These shapes overlap and connect to represent the synchronisation of the offers to provide one seamless customer experience.

The colour palette is vibrant and starts afresh with a unified brand. The agency devised an icon portfolio to help quickly convey and explain complex topics and themes by adding a simple, recognisable visual cue.

The value proposition is leveraged from the benefits of using Cyncly’s software which simplifies what can be a complex process involving many stakeholders (designers, retailers, manufacturers, and customers). Its solutions help customers to streamline processes, grow sales, and increase efficiency by enabling them to work together to make what they do amazing – Make It Amazing.

The digital transformation includes a new website domain (, the design has very clean lines and uncluttered navigation. The dynamic usage of animated shapes on the website represents the connection within the space – the coming together of all the facets of an interior design project. Finally, the photography focuses on the customer finding inspiration for their dream space.

Speaking about the work, Joerg Jung, CEO, Cyncly ​“Our new brand, Cyncly, unites us and encompasses our passion to drive innovation to enable our customers to be more successful.  Bringing together best-in-industry solutions from all our brands, Cyncly helps everyone in the value chain make their work and the outcomes for their customers amazing.

 “Working with Structure was a truly collaborative process, where the continuous loop of feedback and constructive challenge pushed us to this great result. Combining strong positioning, a practical approach, and excellent design. Structure has been a valuable partner in creating our new Cyncly brand.” Raymond Ciabattoni, Re-branding Project Lead, Cyncly.

Cyncly brings together over 30 years of experience and offers industry-specific solutions in the kitchen, bathroom, furniture, flooring and windows, doors & glass industries. Its end-to-end solutions transform the way customisable products and spaces are imagined, designed, sold, managed, and made.

John Galpin, Structure Co-Founder said, 'Cyncly embodies everything about the ambition of the merger between Compusoft and 2020. The creation of a category-leading brand enables its customers to transform the way configurable products are imagined, designed, sold and made. We look forward to seeing how Cyncly’s team continues to help its customers make spaces amazing.'

The work rolls out this month.


28th June 2022

1PS Becomes Raise

–Re-energising the category with new branding–

Raise is launching its new name, identity, brand comms and website. The fintech, which operates within the recruitment sector, helps businesses grow with invoice funding, contractor management and admin support.

The business was co-founded in 2017 by Tim Bailey and Bea Stafford under the name 1PS, but the growth and ambition of the 2022 business demanded a name change – 1PS became Raise.

Raise represents the evolution of the business - showcasing a radically new and transparent approach to invoice finance. The new name is about the happy and positive experience Raise brings to its customers and users, supporting its ambition to be the leading provider of technology-enabled labour funding.

Brand work

As part of its goal to be the leading provider of technology-enabled labour funding, the company approached Design by Structure to create a brand that injects character and personality into the category. The brand project included research, positioning and strategy, naming, identity, brand guidelines and a website –

The proposition line, ‘achieve more with Raise’, came from a deep dive into the business, the agency’s research revealed that within the category Raise is a distinctly different provider. It delivers a frictionless experience through its intuitive software and dedicated customer teams which benefits customers by freeing up their time, cash flow and headspace.

Speaking about the new brand work, Steve Cater, Vice President of Growth at Raise, said “It’s a very exciting time for us as we go from strength to strength in our mission to build the future of invoice finance. That excitement and our promise to the world has been captured beautifully in our new brand and sets us up perfectly to deliver on our vision.”

The creative solution is based on energy. Along with the new name is the new logo design, which features a ‘smiling’ dot on the I­ to project the positive impact Raise has on its clients – elevating and improving process. Every aspect, from the typeface to the icons and colour palette, injects a more joyful energetic side to the category, differentiating with bursts of green in a corporate ocean of navy blues.

The work rolls out this month.

4th May 2021

A Connected Information Experience

Social enterprise support Cancer Central has launched its new brand identity created by Design by Structure.

Cancer Central was founded in 2018 by Avril Chester following her own battle with the disease. She describes it as a ‘cominovation’ platform: a hub where community and innovation gather to help cancer patients and their carer’s.

The new creative work includes a brand identity, a website look & feel, and brand guidelines.  The identity is based on a ‘guiding you’ creative proposition, supporting the social enterprise’s key messaging. The site was designed to guide people to information pertinent to the stage they are at in their illness, offering support for practical issues and services such as local societies or taxi hire to deeply personal ones such as finance, hats or wigs.

Speaking about the work, Avril Chester, Founder & CEO, said, "I absolutely love what Design by Structure has created. The process was incredibly engaging, and the team brilliantly translated the vision. I will never forget the WOW moment when they shared the words, 'guiding you'. After years of trying to explain the concept, there it was in two words. Remarkable"

The brandmark is a looping heart shape, which invokes love and support. Structure created a flowing ‘super graphic’ (echoing the brandmark) which is used as a connecting device to link the brand across different applications and channels. This is supported by a portfolio of icons designed in a similar flowing style, which are used across all channels – collateral, website, merchandise etc.

The creative solution is a human approach, being sensitive to the content and reason for visiting the website. The colour pallet is made up of gentle ‘quiet’ colours, soft and friendly, to bring a sense of calm to the user experience.

John Galpin, Co-founder Design by Structure, said, “It’s important to be able to support founders like Avril who bring meaningful change to people’s lives. Avril used her own personal experience with the difficulties of looking for support during her fight with cancer as a launchpad to help others. Cancer Central connects people and their families with the vital services they need during their darkest hours. We took inspiration from Avril’s passion to bring her vision and brand to life.”

  • Cancer Central, helping people affected by cancer to find the support and information they need, won the Digital Leaders HealthTech innovation award in 2019.
  • Cancer central is powered by a healthtech chatbot, Ask Ave®, a virtual assistant that learns as it interacts with people.


3rd February 2021

Empowering Change for a Brighter Future

Sustainability certification Planet Mark has launched its new brand identity created by Design by Structure.

The identity is based on an abstract planet, with the creative inspired by a shared vision of a brighter horizon and fresh beginnings. The word ‘The’ has been dropped from the brand in favour of 'Planet Mark' to amplify its international appeal.

The new branding includes a new strategy, website, communications tool kit, TOV and brand guidelines and the certificates awarded to members, as Planet Mark aims to expand its international reputation and growth, and make the sustainability certification more globally appealing and accessible. 
The identity is also designed to reinforce the urgency of the climate crisis and the importance of sustainability during this crucial Decade of Action by communicating a clearer, simpler message that Planet Mark is ‘empowering change for a brighter future’.

The design process involved an in-depth analysis of Planet Mark’s culture and personality as well as a deep dive into what it means to be ‘more sustainable’. This examination resulted in a revised brand system that draws inspiration from the planet and champions the idea of change throughout. The updated logo retains Planet Mark’s vivid blue colour but has moved to a cleaner and modern abstract form. The solid baseline and segments which suggest the movement of time and represent a new horizon, new beginnings and starting afresh, as business and governments re-build a regenerative economy, modernising the brand and making it more mainstream.

In addition, a mixture of playful text and illustrations were commissioned to reinforce Planet Mark’s fun, approachable personality, which is a major attraction in businesses wishing to become Planet Mark members.

John Galpin, Co-founder Design by Structure, said, “We as a business, are committed to positive change, so working with a like-minded business to help it create even greater impact was irresistible. Planet Mark has such incredible passion and purpose for meaningful change, we understand the role the new branding will have to support its success story and create something its members will be proud to use and display on their own communication channels.”

Steve Malkin comments, “The new modern identity communicates a positive, clear message that hope is on the horizon and together we will build a brighter future for us and our planet.”

He adds, “Planet Mark will continue to strengthen its partnerships with the Eden Project and award-winning charity Cool Earth, while also enabling members of Planet Mark community to have ownership of the new certification mark. We want members to recreate the logo in their own corporate colours, making it playful and fun. Our aim is to send out a clarion call to business communities to join our movement for change in this crucial Decade of Action.”



Planet Mark
Planet Mark was founded in 2013 by CEO Steve Malkin in conjunction with the Eden Project based on the positioning that a connection with nature can enable all people to contribute to a thriving planet. The resulting people-driven sustainability programme, based on its three-step process: Measure, Engage, Communicate, is designed for any business of any size, in any sector, no matter where they are in the world.

The company has continued to develop and grow, certifying over 800 organisations and doubling in size over the past year. The goal is to build an empowered community of like-minded individuals that will halt the climate crisis and improve society through everything they do.

14th January 2021

Evolving a Game Changer

- Changing customer service with a refreshed brand -

Customer service software company Dixa has launched its refreshed brand and website. Last year the tech company briefed Design by Structure (Structure) to strengthen its proposition, elevate and align its visual identity with a new story, and create go-to-market tools including a new website.

Dixa is on a mission to change customer service for people – making it more personal, intelligent and data-driven. Its conversational customer engagement platform brings together every customer service interaction into one seamless conversation for the customer. It provides fast, efficient, and effective customer service every time, unifying all customer contact points – phone, email, chat and messaging.

Working with the concept of ‘seamless conversations’, Structure has developed a flexible design system that allows Dixa to communicate its story at every brand touchpoint.
One of the key channel applications was the website. It was restructured and redesigned to reflect Dixa's solutions, based on customers' needs and challenges, making it easier to navigate and surface relevant content. It also features an efficiency calculator that crystalises the operational savings to clients, as well as improved customer benefits. The idea of ‘energy’ was expressed throughout all creative executions and on the website, it was brought to life with expressive fun iconography.

Agility and flexibility were the key to the design solution. Structure has created an identity that is based on a simple theme and narrative rather than a single visual execution. The creative uses the core visual assets (logo, typeface, and colour) to connect an interchangeable set of theme-based illustrations, photography, and graphic elements. The benefit to Dixa’s marketing team is that this approach allows creative freedom across channels while ensuring campaigns remain on-brand.

Speaking about the work, John Galpin, Structure Co-Founder said, ‘As a consumer who has experienced disjointed and frustrating customer service many times, Dixa’s vision is something I can directly relate to and have a huge affinity with. It has been great to help translate Dixa’s purpose into a brand system and website that brings this vision to life. We have every confidence this will enable Dixa to continue their impressive growth journey and help its clients create the positive experiences their customers want.’

10th September 2020

The Planet Mark Appoints Design by Structure

- Empowering companies to engage in meaningful sustainability -


The Planet Mark has appointed Design by Structure (Structure) to develop its new brand. The agency will deliver a clearly defined and purpose-driven brand for the sustainability certification programme.

Following a pitch in July 2020, against two other agencies, Structure secured the win this month. The scope of work covers, brand identity, TOV, digital and brand guidelines. The Planet Mark is looking to engage, inspire and recognise the achievements of its members, helping them to share the work they have done and the benefits and value of certification. 

The Planet Mark is a sustainability certification which recognises continuous improvements, encourages action, and builds an empowered community of like-minded individuals. Community members are awarded the mark to display on their communications channels once certified.  

The new creative work will launch in January 2021 in the UK with plans to launch in Europe later in 2021. 

The brand redesign is an important step for The Planet Mark to help it achieve its mission: – applying the very best of people, technology and nature, we can build a flourishing society, end the climate crisis, and create a planet fit for life.

The Planet Mark certification supports The Decade of Action campaign, which calls for urgent and accelerating sustainable solutions to all the world’s biggest challenges – ranging from poverty and gender to climate change, inequality and closing the finance gap – by 2030.

Speaking about the win, John Galpin, Co-Founder Design by Structure said, “We, as a business, are committed to positive change, so working with a like-minded business to help them create even greater impact was irresistible. The Planet Mark has such incredible passion and purpose for meaningful change, we understand the role the new branding will have to support its success story and create something its members will be proud to use and display on their own communication channels.”

Steve Malkin, CEO and The Planet Mark founder said, “This is a crucial time for us as a business but also for all of us as a society. As we rise to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have the chance to rebuild with the urgent and sustainable action required to protect natural resources, preserve remaining biodiversity, ensure a world worth living in for the future, and build economies that support a fair and just society for all. As individuals we have the power to make the necessary changes and encourage action from our business communities and policy makers. Together, we will make a world of difference and we have the power to secure the future fit for all.”

18th November 2020

Revolutionising the Guest Experience

–New brand positioning and website–

The hospitality industry is changing forever and for the better with this truly customer-first tech solution. Hospitality platform Mews, which is transforming the guest experience for hotels and hostels, is launching its new brand positioning and website this week. The cloud-based property management system (PMS) enables hotels to focus on their guests with a step-change in front of house user-experience and industry-transforming back of house operations.

Design by Structure (Structure) was briefed to define Mews’ positioning within the highly competitive landscape of incumbents and new market entrants. The agency was tasked to:

  • Re-position Mews and re-define the category
  • Create an ownable visual and verbal communication style
  • Create a powerful identity across channels
  • Create a flexible and expandable product structure
  • Build out a compelling keyword-rich digital presence

The creative expression is a simplified and elegant canvas for potential customers to ‘imagine more’, helping them embrace a world of opportunities offered by Mews to re-imagine every hospitality experience. The brand references ‘mapping’ and technology, deploying crosshatch grid marks to images to add richness and texture. The overall effect is a sophisticated and easy to navigate website, that echoes the user-centric product that any hotel or hostel can use to transform their guest experiences.

Speaking about the work, Jesse Swash, Structure Co-Founder said, ‘The truly successful brands and companies seize opportunity at every moment. Mews understands this. It has used the time the hospitality industry went into lockdown to undertake a complete re-positioning, re-brand, new site and revised service lines and pricing. It is now poised for the upturn, ready to take advantage of the return of hospitality while its competitors have stood still. In this new normal only the brave survives, and only the bold will prosper. Proud of the work of everyone involved in the project both on our side at Structure and at Mews. Here’s to the IPO.’