11th May 2021

The New Normal for Brands

A Q&A with Jesse Swash, Co-Founder.

Jesse Swash

Jesse Swash

What does the new normal mean for brands?

It's been a year of restrictions, lockdown, working from home.  As the world changes faster and faster, brands need to do more to keep up, to stay ahead, to survive and to succeed.

For brands, it's time to go faster.

It used to be 'survival of the fittest'. Then it was ‘too big to fail’. The new normal has put all that aside. The new rules are ‘survival of the fastest’.

Got a product. Still relatively new to the market, when is the next version going to be ready? Got a platform. When is the next update? Selling software, when is the next feature going to be added… And that’s just the product side.

You’ve built a brand. You’ve built a powerful proposition. You understand the competition. You’re on top of your routes to market. You get the channels. You know your customers. You’ve connected to your prospects - or so you thought.

Someone just hit the fast forward button. Be on the website all the time, not just one time. Build campaigns twice as fast. Send emails every other day, not just on Tuesdays. Be on LinkedIn all the time and Twitter even more if you can, and try out the new social platforms.  Because the competition got fiercer.

Technology allows you to be everywhere, wherever you are. Own a dance studio in Weybridge, you can sell classes in China. With technology, you simply ‘can’. Opportunity is all around. Technology can empower, unlock and unleash. But it can also take away, hide and remove. Overwhelm.

When it comes to your brand. The only way to succeed is to continue to re-invent, re-think and learn new techniques to reach the lifeblood of any business - your customers. Keep connected to them, listen to them. What are their needs and how does your brand meet those needs. You need to do this faster and faster and faster before your competition does.

In short, live in your brand. Update your messaging. Keep agile. Keep ahead and keep connected.

Because in this new age of ‘normal’ only the fastest will survive.





Published by: Fara Darvill in Thought leadership

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