17th July 2023

The B Word: Go-To-Market Challenges for Tech Businesses

The B Word is the show where we demystify everything to do with B2B branding. Every month we invite guests from the worlds' of technology, venture capital, private equity and beyond to discuss what branding is, how it works and why it matters for businesses today.


Episode 2// Go-To-Market Challenges for Tech Businesses.

In this episode, host John Galpin, co-founder, Design by Structure speaks to special guest, Paul Wiefels, Managing Director and co-founder The Chasm Group about the GTM challenges tech businesses face. Paul shares his vast experience and discusses the five key dimensions marketers need to explore to help their business thrive in today’s markets.

“Go-To-Market strategies have become more complex for technology companies. The five key GTM elements (vision & strategy, category, offer, positioning and branding) are interrelated. If you look at one, you need to look at them all. Don't just tinker around the edges. Treat them all as key parts of how you bring your company to market.
Paul Wiefels

You can listen to Paul's episode here or you can listen on all these amazing platforms!

About our guest:

The Chasm Group, LLC

The Chasm Group helps technology companies, from start-up to Fortune 500 achieve market leading, differentiated, and profitable positions for their products and services.

Paul Wiefels and his colleagues at The Chasm Group, LLC Group have written books on the subject, including the seminal ‘Crossing the Chasm’ and Paul’s own book helped companies put this into practice ‘The Chasm Companion: Implementing Effective Marketing Strategies for High Technology Companies’.

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