3rd October 2023

The B Word: Launching a new healthtech brand

The B Word is the show where we demystify everything to do with B2B branding. Every month we invite guests from the worlds' of technology, venture capital, private equity and beyond to discuss what branding is, how it works and why it matters for businesses today.

Episode 4:  Avril Chester, founder of healthtech Cancer Central, talks to The B Word about her brand journey and the power of design to help people dealing with cancer, her work with NHS Scotland to pivot her tech during the Covid crisis, and the launch of the next-gen tech and a new podcast series.
Cancer Central is an award-winning HealthTech cancer platform that uses AI to guide people to find the support and information they need.


Episode highlights:

The starting point: The challenges of starting a healthtech startup to set up to address a crucial need.
  1. Avril realised the difficulty in connecting with relevant information and resources for people with cancer. but she also recognised the existence of valuable products, services, charities, and initiatives.
  2. The desire to bridge the gap and connect people with useful information.
  3. Using AI in healthcare to support people in a meaningful way.
The brand process: Striking the balance between the technology and the human need in the brand design.
  1. Creating a comforting connection to your audience at a difficult time with language and design.
  2. Accessibility: the importance of colour in the design system to engage and guide your audience.
  3. Clarity in Branding: The importance of avoiding confusion among audiences.
  4. Achieving clarity in branding to enhance understanding and recognition among users.
Trust in the Creative Process: recognising the importance of trust in the creative process.
  1. The analogy reflects the positive and engaging experience of being guided through the creative journey.
  2. Having trust in the creative process is a crucial factor.
  3. The Structure creative process involved guidance through every step.
  4. Building up the solution, the story, and the visual elements.
The founder perspective: the significance of taking clients on a journey to achieve the best results.
  1. The brand enables the charities mission in a human way.
  2. External perspective can be powerful.
  3. You will be challenged but that's part of the process - so, enjoy it.


"The brand created that first initial feeling that we wanted... for me it has achieved so many goals, it just looks beautifully simple and that's all we wanted"  Avril Chester, Cancer Central.


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