6th July 2023

The B Word: How to Create a Category King

The B Word is the show where we demystify everything to do with B2B branding. Every month we invite guests from the worlds' of technology, venture capital, private equity and beyond to discuss what branding is, how it works and why it matters for businesses today.

Episode 1: In this episode, host John Galpin, co-founder, Design by Structure speaks to special guest, Quentin Colmant, CEO & Co-founder of insurtech, Qover, about the creative process for Qover's recent category creation exercise and rebrand. From his initial reservations about change to loving his new brand.


Episode highlights:

The vision for the future of insurance, focusing on creating a global safety net by making insurance more accessible, efficient, and integrated.
  1. The complexity and lack of efficiency in the insurance industry make insurance expensive and cumbersome.
  2. Embedded insurance seeks to connect the insurance capital with society in a more efficient manner.
  3. The vision for a global safety net involves making insurance invisible but fully accessible, offering maximum protection with minimal cost.
Transforming the insurance market by enhancing the customer experience and addressing consumer cynicism through immediate value delivery.
  1. Enhancing the customer experience in insurance can lead to increased adoption and a change in consumer perceptions.
  2. Immediate value and visible benefits from insurance coverage can drive greater acceptance.
  3. Long-term vision is to distribute €100 billion of protection through leading brands, which would position the company as the world's largest insurance provider.
Defining a new category is essential for clarifying a company's purpose, positioning, and value proposition in the market, making it easier for people to understand the company's business.
  1. The rebranding and category creation were driven by the difficulty in articulating the company's mission and purpose in one sentence.
  2. Creating a new category in the InsureTech space helps clarify what the company stands for and its positioning.
  3. A defined category enables people, both internally and externally, to easily understand the company's business and value proposition.
The rebranding and the creation of a new category have significantly impacted the company's positioning and visibility in the market, resulting in increased inbound interest and invitations to large enterprise deals.
  1. The introduction of the new category has eliminated the need for the company to explain its services, as clients now understand their value and role as orchestrators.
  2. The company has experienced an influx of inbound requests from large risk carriers and brokers, positioning it well in the enterprise space.
  3. The rebranding has led to a rapid shift and pivot toward being enterprise-ready, enabling the company to participate in significant deals (jumbo deals) and partnerships.
The branding process "its a revelation!"

“How is it, after seven years in the business, that I'm not able to label my problem properly?… Defining category is, for me, a very strong way to define what you stand for. By understanding the category you are in a directly, you understand what is your business about.”
Quentin Colmant
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About our guest:

Qover was just listed by Tech.EU as one of the 10 European InsureTech companies and its technology has been used to provide insurance cover to over 2.6 million people worldwide.

Quentin Colmant is the CEO & Co-founder of insurtech Qover.




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