31st July 2023

The B Word: ‘Marketing the brand’ vs demand generation.

The B Word is the show where we demystify everything to do with B2B branding. Every month we invite guests from the worlds' of technology, venture capital, private equity and beyond to discuss what branding is, how it works and why it matters for businesses today.


Episode 3// ‘Marketing the brand’ vs demand generation.

“ You can't have them in isolation. You could have the a world class demand generation strategy but If you don't have a marketing plan, if you can't service that demand… you haven't got a business... you start having problems. Both need a strategies to make them work together in the right way.”  Paul Mills

In this episode, host John Galpin, co-founder, Design by Structure speaks to special guest, Paul Mills, CEO and founder of VCMO. Paul launched VCMO in June '23, he discusses his new proposition for the marketing industry, and how he hope to foster positive change for the role of the CMO.

In a frank conversation with John, Paul discusses his own experiences as an in-house CMO and how that kick-started his new venture. Paul talks about the external challenges CMOs face today, and his observations on how the CMO role is being frustrated by the C-suite makes for great listening!

You can listen to Paul's episode here or you can listen on these amazing platforms!

About our guest:


VCMO is transforming how complex marketing problems are solved through its flexible and cost-effective solutions. Say goodbye to boardroom frustration and embrace success in today's ever evolving business landscape. Whether you need remote, on-site or hybrid marketing support, VCMO's transformative approach will help to build, protect, and accelerate your competitive advantage.

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