Thought piece


Stand out in a crowded marketplace: 
The opportunity facing Private Equity

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The opportunity facing Private Equity

The past calendar year set a record for the amount of money distributed by fund managers to investors, however changes in market conditions and the digital landscape are creating new challenges for private equity firms. 

We examine how a combination of capital superabundance, an increasing ability to conduct digital due diligence and an ever increasing need to demonstrate added value and difference during the origination process is affecting the private equity industry.

Why this matters?

Structure is connected to the world of growth, working with PE firms and placement agents as well as businesses that have been invested in or seeking investment and growing at a rapid rate.

We understand the pressures of growth, working with the CEOs, Founders and Partners of high growth businessses on a daily basis and this piece examines some of the issues and opportunities that are being discussed in board rooms across the UK.


Structure specialise in working with fast growth private equity and private equity backed companies with light internal teams, tight timescales and ambitious targets. 

We help firms achieve their strategic and commercial goals by having a strong value positionand brand which is then articulated verbally and visually across multiple channels such as the firms’ website and marcomms materials.

The brand is also used as a way to shape organisational behaviour to reflect the outwardly facing proposition specifically, how the origination process could be enriched and how the credentials document and first meeting could be structured differently to reflect the new brand.