13th January 2022

Podcast: Episode 4 – ‘Delight your customers’

The KISS Principles is a new creative partnership between Structure and host, Parker Crockford. It's a new podcast about the lost art of keeping it simple in business.

Aimed at founders and start-ups, or anyone looking for advice on business, it's a bi-weekly series of fireside chats discussing the barriers and challenges faced by founders in the European B2B marketplace.


Check out The KISS Principles website for more info.



Episode 4: 'Delight your customers' with Felipe Navío, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Jobandtalent.

Felipe chats about his own experience of pivoting a business eight years down the line to hit a billion-dollar revenue four years later. He believes if something isn’t working don’t ever be afraid to change it and in the power of the 10x experience.



Episode 3: 'Embrace the tough' with Leda Glyptis, CCO, 10x Banking.

Leda Gilphis PhD, discusses the market needs of first and second wave European founders, with host Parker Crockford.




Episode 2: 'Be Bold, be brave, be visionary' with John Galpin, Co-founder, Design by Structure.

Branding guru John Galpin talks to Parker about when B2B founders need to develop their brand, the trap of poor brand positioning and communications, and he reveals the principles to building a brand.



Episode 1: 'You have to lean into sales' with Seth DeHart, Venture Partner, Point Nine.

Seth DeHart discusses the best approach to go-to-market (GTM) and sales strategies for European B2B start-ups. Answering why he thinks ‘sales’ is considered a dirty word in European markets and why some founder’s don't value it as a business tool.


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