11th October 2021

A New Creative Partnership

The KISS Principles is a new creative partnership between Structure and host, Parker Crockford. It's a new podcast about the lost art of keeping it simple in business.

Aimed at founders and start-ups, or anyone looking for advice on business, it's a bi-weekly series of fireside chats discussing the barriers and challenges faced by founders in the European B2B marketplace.


Parker has previously worked with John Galpin (Structure co-founder) on strategy and branding briefs for his clients.  Both are champions for founders success stories and have discussed in-depth, the challenges they experience across different sectors and markets, particularly European B2B founders. Therefore, it was a natural fit for us to work together to develop The KISS Principles podcast when Parker approached us with the idea.

Check out The KISS Principles website for more info.


Check-in here for new episodes every month.

Episode 1: 'You have to lean into sales'

Parker discusses the best approach to go-to-market (GTM) and sales strategies for European B2B start-ups with Seth DeHart. He asks, why is ‘sales’ considered a dirty word in European markets and why some founder’s don't value it as a tool to grow and shape their business.


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